Supply Chain Management
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The QBIX Supply Chain Management Module has been developed to assist Public Sector Institutions in their demand and acquisitions management activities of their supply chain, the implementation of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, monitor their spending activities across the year and report on their spending in terms of BBBEE.
The module contains a fully integrated vendor database to assist the institution in managing its vendors for goods and services. Users are able to register vendors for different goods and services, according to their geographical location.
Company registration information, contact details, banking details, validity of a vendors tax clearance certificate, CIDB registration information, shareholding information and ownership equity statistics are all captured into the vendor database. Vendor searches can be conducted for different goods and / or services, geographical location, CIDB grading, etc.
Within the Demand Management functionality, users are able to plan their goods and services requirements for the year and generate procurement plans for each “business unit” at a consolidated Institutional level.
The Institution is able to set its BEE targets per sector, as well as capture its budget per “business unit”. In conjunction with the QBIX Report Writer Module, users can generate historical spend reports, historical sector analysis reports and historical BBBEE spend reports which assist users during the planning phase of Demand Management.
Market Assessments can also be completed using the vendor database and vendor analysis reports.
The Acquisitions Management functionality within the QBIX Supply Chain Management Module was developed to ensure that the requirements of the National Treasury Supply Chain Management Framework are met for both quotations and bids.
The system tracks the procurement of goods and / or services from the point of entry, i.e. a requisition, to the adjudication of a quotation or bid to a supplier. Registered vendors can be invited to quote for goods and / or services on a rotational basis using an algorithm which will be created according to the criteria an institution utilises in terms of its vendor rotation.
In addition, the module is able to score quotations or bids based on either the 90 / 10 or 80 / 20 principles. Users are able to ensure that sufficient budget is available before any quote or bid is adjudicated. Controls are built in at each stage to ensure that the institution meets the requirements of the Legislative Framework that exists, as well as ensuring that over / under expenditure, as well as fraud and corruption, are minimised.
In conjunction with the powerful QBIX Report Writer Module, users can:
  • Monitor the Institution's spending patterns and activities using the sophisticated dashboards
  • Generate monthly, quarterly and annual spend analysis reports at a consolidated or “business unit” level
  • Report on the institution's spend against its BBBEE targets
  • Generate vendor analysis reports
  • Generate operator efficiency reports to ensure efficiency, as well as accountability as well as
  • Produce a host of other reports which the Institution may require.